Decorative Terrariums

Decorative Terrariums

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The new terrarium trend seems to be going strong with no signs of slowing any time soon. Terrariums date back to 19th century London, and were originally used to protect plants or small animals. Their delicate charm has stood the test of time, and terrariums are now used as home decor, handmade gifts, ecosystem education and more - there are even terrarium-making parties! Decorative Terrariums is a step-by-step guide to creating your own terrarium. By using greenery such as succulents, air plants, moss, orchids and more, you'll learn how to make 47 different beautiful terrarium landscapes. Complete with a plant encyclopedia and basic tips, this book is the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to create their own "miniature world." AUTHOR: Sueko Katsuji is the owner of the popular greenery shop in Tokyo "Buriki no Jyoro" ("a tin watering can"). Her unique way of styling has gained her TV appearances and many fans around the world. 200 illustrations

Author - Sueko Katsuji

Publisher: Peribo

ISBN: 9784865051391

Dimensions: 23.2 and 18.5 cm

Publish Date: 1-Apr-19

Page Count: 128