Cook Scandinavian

Cook Scandinavian

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Author: Camilla Plum

With sections on vegetables, spices, herbs, berries, fruit, meat, fish,seafood, eggs and seasonal baking, this is the ultimate guide to Scandinavian cooking. It includes 100 essential ingredients and 300 recipes selected by Camilla Plum, an authority on the distinctive produce of Scandinavia, and book celebrates the varied cooking methods used to make the most of Nordic ingredients, from salting and jamming to eating fresh from the wild. From crayfish to lingon berries, by way of venison and rye bread, the information and recipes in this book give you a fascinating insight into the Scandinavian kitchen and offers a truly fascinating insight into the food culture and philosophy of Northern Europe.

Publisher: KYLE CATHIE

ISBN: 9780857833099

Dimensions: 26 and 20 cm

Publish Date: 1/06/2016

Page Count: 272