Grimm's Fairy Tales

Grimm's Fairy Tales

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Share and enjoy all of the Grimm Brothers' best works in The Essential Grimm's Fairy Tales, now designed in a beautiful, jacketed hardcover format.

The Essential Grimm's Fairy Tales contains 59 of the best-loved bedtime stories for children worldwide, enjoyed for the better part of two centuries. Originally collected by the Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm, these German linguists and cultural researchers gathered legendary folklore and aimed to share the stories exactly as they heard them. This volume features all of your favourite tales, including:

- Cinderella
- Rapunzel
- Hansel and Grethel
- Snow White
- Rumpelstiltskin
- Little Red Riding Hood
- The Golden Goose

This elegantly designed jacketed hardcover edition features an introduction by fantasy literature scholar Lori Campbell, a timeline of the life and times of the Brothers Grimm, and over 100 illustrations by Arthur Rackham.