Little Big Book of White Spells

Little Big Book of White Spells

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The Little Big Book of White Spells combines Ileana Abrev's four popular spell books in an attractive hardcover package. With more than 200 quick spells for love, money, protection, happiness, and more, this book is perfect for anyone who wants to improve the most cherished parts of life. Create positive transformation in your relationships and a better world for your community with easy enchantments for finding love, removing a curse, bringing the passion back, banishing depression, making a business more profitable, and many more. Let Ileana's charming writing style carry you to a magical place, where simple actions, creative rhymes, and sincere intentions will bring you your heart's deepest desires.

Author - Ileana Abrev


ISBN: 9780738751696

Publish Date: 1/03/2017

Page Count: 432