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Six Impossible Things Berrima

Spell / Manifestation Kit

Spell / Manifestation Kit

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A kit perfect for those just starting out on their magical spell crafting or manifesting path.

A lovely beginning collection of useful candles, crystals and ribbons that are used in many spells and rituals.

Your magical package will contain the following items:

Spell Candles:

1 x black - protection, banishing, binding, removing negativity
1 x white - purification, healing, unity, new beginnings
1 x pink - friendship, love, self love, emotional healing
1 x red - passion, desire, energy, courage, strength, willpower
1 x purple - awareness, spiritual guidance, psychic abilities, meditation
1 x green - prosperity, luck, abundance, fertility, earth magic, grounding
1 x orange - positivity, opportunity, ambition, justice
1 x blue - forgiveness, creativity, harmony, dreamwork, truth
1 x yellow - confidence, mental clarity, manifestation, wisdom


1 x rose quartz tumbled stone - love, emotional healing, calming
1 x black obsidian tumbled stone - protection, grounding, self control
1 x tigers eye tumbled stone - luck, money flow, courage, protection
1 x raw black tourmaline - purification, healing, protection
1 x raw fluorite - balance, clarity
1 x jar citrine chips - abundance, happiness, manifestation, wealth

Assorted Ribbons (useful for binding and knot work):
1 x metre each of: black, pink, green, purple & blue

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